The Not-So-Triumphant Return

A while back, I decided to step away and continue this idea as a podcast. I recorded a couple of episodes and even registered at a couple of different sites to upload said episodes. I didn't upload a single episode. I can't really tell you why. Lack of motivation is all I can think of.... Continue Reading →

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Super Mission Force – X-men vs The Brotherhood

If you're into miniatures games and super heroes and you aren't playing Super Mission Force, you're missing out! It's a fast paced, exciting, and feels like a page straight out of a comic book! Normally, you would create your own characters/heroes, but as this was our first game, I decided to keep it familiar: I... Continue Reading →

Tales Update

As you may have noticed (probably didn't), I've been MIA for a few months. Strangely enough, my page has actually been more active while I've been gone than when I was actively working on it. Life's been going a mile a minute and since graduating, I've had a lot going on with a new job... Continue Reading →

Age of Sigmar: Undead vs Chaos

Finally got a chance to try out my Nighthaunts the other day. It was my last league game (this year I think I only managed 4... been hard to get time out). Did 750 points vs Chaos. Can't remember the god but... they were pretty tough and he had a minotaur. He nearly wiped out... Continue Reading →

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