Imperial surprise attack at the Rondalla outpost

The Stargazer Company awaits rendezvous with the Rebel Alliance at Rondalla (yeah, I made that up!). Probe droids have discovered the secret outpost and imperial forces are on their way to crush the lone company before reinforcements can arrive. Darth Vader personally oversees the operation, as his stormtroopers prepare to annihilate any rebel opposition they... Continue Reading →


Star Wars: Legion. Much Needed Supplies

The Stargazer Company drops on a backwater planet on the Outer Rim. A long forgotten crash promises fuel reserves much needed by the rebellion. Aided by Luke Skywalker, Stargazer troops advance towards the crash site. Unbeknownst to them, the information they received from intelligence was planeted by the Empire. Setting a trap for rebels, Vader... Continue Reading →

Dark Angels vs T’au

A shuttle carrying much needed supplies has crash landed on a war torn planet. A small outfit of Dark Angels, receiving patrol cover from a Ravenwing Dark Talon, scours the depot for the cache. A host of T'au, running low on much needed medical supplies and fuel, intend to intercept the drop at all costs!  ... Continue Reading →

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