Why I love 40K but hate the lore

So if you're reading this, I assume you already know what Warhammer 40k is and I don't need to go over that. I've been playing off and on for a few years now. Started with the Tau and went on to play a few different Space Marines, Space Wolves, Orks, and Tyranid. The game is... Continue Reading →


Star Wars Legion: What I’m hoping for!

Instead of just regurgitating what's already been posted on what we know about the upcoming Star Wars Legion, I'm going to focus on what I would love to see come out for this game! I have a lot of hopes for this game and with a company like FFG taking it on, I have no... Continue Reading →

The problem with Knight Models.

Knights Models, for those of you that probably don't know, is a small gaming company in Spain that is responsible for games like Batman Miniatures Game, Marvel Universe Miniatures Game and its subsequent DC game, and the upcoming Harry Potter Miniature Game (I know, they have a way with names...). I'll go ahead and say... Continue Reading →

Warhammer 40K T’au vs Orks!

Orks storm the city center, trying to find rest in the abandoned city. They mill around, aimlessly bickering with one another to pass the time. Their numbers are depleted after countless battle with the Space Wolves chapter stationed in a nearby fortress. Passing T'au surround the city, hoping to engulf the Orks before they can... Continue Reading →

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