Tales of a Gamer Dad 3: No Rest For The Wicked

Finding time to do much of anything has become quite a challenge for me. However, it is finally going to pay off! I graduate in 2 weeks with a degree in network security and looking forward to maybe (probably not) freeing up some time! Wishful thinking? Probably. As of late, all of my time has... Continue Reading →


Middle Earth Battle Company free-for-all

An Elven convoy has been set upon by ravaging goblins as they made their way to Rivendell. They outpaced the stunty goblins easily enough but had to abandon their barrels of Elven wine to make their escape. The goblins, too stupid to realize what prize they had been left with, discarded the barrels and set... Continue Reading →

Age of Sigmar: Undead vs Chaos

Finally got a chance to try out my Nighthaunts the other day. It was my last league game (this year I think I only managed 4... been hard to get time out). Did 750 points vs Chaos. Can't remember the god but... they were pretty tough and he had a minotaur. He nearly wiped out... Continue Reading →

Knight Models Bane remade

Bane is by far one of my all time favorite villains. So when I decided to jump into the Batman Miniatures game, the only gang I wanted to start with was Bane and his mercenaries. The crew is based on Bane's crew from the video game (as most of the gangs are) and has to... Continue Reading →

Superhero Novels outside DC and Marvel

Marvel and DC dominate the superhero scene. Their graphic novels are known world wide and you'll find it almost impossible to find someone who doesn't know who Superman, Batman, or Spiderman is. But there are quite a few novels out there about the super powered that don't revolve around comics' favorite superheroes to throw on... Continue Reading →

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