Avengers, Dark Avengers, and Guardians Battle Royale continued

IMAG0325Ashley wins initiative this time and runs further away with the relic. I manage to push Hulk with Sentry but deadpool is there to pick it up before I can get someone over there. And Cap backs him up, guarding with his shield block. I am now left with a hard decision. Both opponents have taken the relic and run in opposite directions. I can chase after one and leave the other to score all the points or I can divide up my team and go after both. I smartly do neither and decide to just beat the crap out of anyone I can!

Carnage ensues for the middle of the game in the middle of the streets as Ares and Thor Duke it out with Iron Patriot firing in every now and then. Drax and Gamora race to take on Ms Marvel and Venom. Starlord comes to busting enough to fire a few shots before passing back out and Rocket continues to scurry away. He does manage to fire an RPG at Sentry, knocking him unconscious. Cars, trees, dumpsters, and fists fly as both Ashley and Rick rack up points and I enjoy destroying the city! In the end, Venom ended up getting too close the Hulk and got Gamma Punched to the edge of the board. Wait!! What’s this? Right next to Rocket, whom is disappearing over the gas station? Venom manages to catch Rocket and hurl him off the building and into Groot. Venom gets to pick up a relic! Ashley will lose the point this round and wants to concede. I convince her to use her last activation with Drax to try and knockdown Deadpool, hiding in a tree behind Cap’s shield. It’s a long shot, with Deadpool getting to reroll his already easy to get agility roll to dodge. But why not? Drax runs up a few inches, grabs a road barrier, and chucks it across the street at deadpool. First agility roll? 13. Too high. Reroll and….he takes a cement barrier across the face. Both teams drop the relic in the last round. Everyone ties! “But Michael, you didn’t…” “I said everyone wins!!”


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