Age of Sigmar Elves vs Undead Escalation League

The dead shuffle across the land, ever growing as the battles continue. The wight king serves his new masters even in death. Once the king’s proud warriors, his legions mindlessly killing anything that stands in their way, eternal slaves caught up in his pact for an endless kingdom. The horde has been tasked with corrupting the mystical altar deep in the forest. Noble elves gather their forces to halt the spread of undying corruption, and turn back the lumbering host.

500 point league game. Escalation  scenario. This is both our second game In the league and we both have a win (I fought ogres and forgot to take pics and she played those stormcast eternals) Ashley is excited to try out her new dryads.

Undead: Wight King

Grave Guard x5

Dire Wolves x 5

Black Knights x 5

Spirit Host x 3

Elves: spellweaver

Glade Guard x10

Eternal Guard x20

Dryads x10

I let Ashely go first and she runs for the center objective with the dryads and 10 eternal guard. Another 10 eternal guard run for the treelines with the objective closest to me but not getting close enough to contest and the spell weaver takes the objective in the woods closest to her.

My wolves and spirit host charge up the middle to try and force her off the center and my grave guard take the objective closest to me. My black knights manage to cover enough ground to tie up the objective covered by the spell weaver. My wolves and host charge in, killing a few dryads and managing stay alive… ish.

End of round I score a point for my grave guard.

I win the initiative this time and charge in the grave guard, keeping her away from the objective. The black knights charge in on the spellweaver, drawing out the glade guard as the magic user ran away. The center is a massacre as my spirit host roll through, not killing any less than 4 models every attack (never happens, I swear they’re usually crap), the wolves prancing around biting everything, and my wight king closing in to enjoy the slaughter.

So this is where I feel bad. The dryads are routed after failing their battle shock and barely got to do anything. But when the dice are hot, there’s not much to be done.

Anyways, my Grave Guard are actually taking a besting (Atleast 1 fight is going Ashley’s way) and the glade guard are going back and forth with the black knights with neither of us really getting any traction. The center is however getting pretty one sided. The eternal guard are completely surrounded and dying pretty fast. My wight king decides he can afford to leave this battle and help the grave guard out a little bit  turning the tides down there. I’m quickly taking a big lead in points.

The elves decide its better to live on to fight another day then to die and feed the army of dead and flee the field. Death wins and continues to corrupts the forest.

I feel a little bad about this win.  One sided fights aren’t much fun and Ashley didn’t really get a chance to see what her new units could do.


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