Age of Sigmar Escalation League Undead vs Stormcast Eternal

League game #3

750 point Border Wars

Stormcast Eternals vs Death

Undead army played by me: wight King

Spirit hosts x3

Black knights x5

Skeleton archers x10

Skeletons x20

Dire wolves x 10

Storm cast played by Cameron: 5 Liberators

5 Judicators

5 Retributors

1 Knight-Azyros

1 Lord-Relictor, Bless Weapons Prayer

1 Lord-Celestant, Obsidian Blade Artifact

Well this one turned out to be a blood bath. His archers teleported in behind me forcing me to bring my cavalry back to charge. The rest of his guys just slowly move forward, buffing each other. My knights charge and do next to nothing while my wolves move forward to take the objective, flanking on the right. My skeleton click forward while my archers fire straight into the liberators, causing only a scratch. The spirit host move up.

The judicators manage to takeout a few black knights before I can do much. That fight, like much of my others, goes terribly! What should have been an easy sweep and nothing but a small distraction, turns into my knights’ demise.

The retributors, buffed up with blessings and what not, cut down my wolves like they were puppies. My spirit hosts do fairly well against the liberators but get overwhelmed and my skeletons tie up the celeste for most of the game.

Unfortunately, the tides turn against me real fast. I racked up a lot of points by taking the objectives (even holding his for a turn or 2). Once my guys starts dying though, they started dying in droves! My wolves went first, then my spirit hosts. My commander and skeletons took a massive hug when the Celeste lit her lantern and fried everyone within 8 inches. My commander died soon after and skeletons never recovered.

My archers made a brave last stand on the objective but they were easily over run.

After playing Cameron a few times, I feel pretty safe in saying the stormcast is definitely the favored army of GW. Those guys are pretty ridic…. And cost less than my guys.


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