Age of Sigmar Wood Elves vs Undead

  • A chill wind sweeps the land, whispering of supernatural energies. The wood elves feel the darkness in the air. A vampire lord seeks to grow his army from the dead and brings a small host to the church grounds. A warband of elves arrive to halt them as the heavens open and spit balls fire down on the land.

My wife and I did a 500 point game in preparation for our escalation league coming up at our game store. Her wood elves vs my undead. Scenario was…. Meteorite (I can’t actually remember the name of the mission). The game board is broken up into 6 sections. At the beginning of the second round, you roll a D3 to see where on your side of the board the objective (magic meteor!) will drop. Each round you are within 6 inches of an objective and your opponent is not, you gain control of that objective. They are worth whatever round it is in points.

The teams:

Undead (me): Vampire Lord

Dire wolves x10

Spirit Hosts x3

Zombies x 20 (to be summoned)

Wood elves (Ashley): Spellweaver

Glade Guard x 20 (broken up in 2 squads)

Eternal Guard x20 (broken up in 2 squads)

I know! How does she have more men than a horde army? I have no idea…

Ashley starts the game more aggressive than I thought she would. Her Eternal Guard split and March around both sides of the church. Her Glade Guards position themselves to shoot Dow the lanes and her spellweaver stays where she can raise her troops when they die

I send my wolves to meet one side and my spirit host and Vampire Lord to the other group. My wolves are fast and I have hope that they can reach the guard this round so I have my vampire cast his spell on them to get extra attacks. Unfortunately, the odds are never in my favor (good thing this isn’t the Hunger Games) and they don’t make their charge.

The beginning of the round, Ashley gets lucky and her meteor falls right next to her Glade Guard. They weren’t planning on coming out of the woods anyways. Her luck runs out though when she tries to charge my wolves and rolls snake eyes letting me charge her (which gives my wolves bonuses!) Her other Eternals charge the spirit hosts and does a little damage.

My meteor drops in the middle of my field and I have to send my vampire back to hold it. This is where I make a setup mistake and didn’t read how my spells work  I intended to summon my zombies right behind her Eternals so I would have her cut off. However, I’m an idiot and they have to be summoned 9 inches away from enemies and I can only summon 10 at a time unless I roll high enough (me? Make a roll I need? Ha!) The spirit hosts do next to nothing while zombies rise from the ground and watch them fail.

My wolves eventually route the eternal guards in the right flank and make a mad dash for the objective on the woodelves’ side. Her Eternal Guard make my spirit hosts look stupid and send them back to the spirit world. My zombies (now 20) surround the remaining eternals and swarm them. They harmlessly batter on their armor but manage to keep them from breaking off and getting to my Vampire Lord.

I pull ahead in points as my wolves manage to survive the blades of the glade guards and the charge of the spellweaver long enough to contest the meteor. 2 wolves survive to fight 8 elves…

We have to call the game here, giving me the victory. It was a close game and there were a few ways I could see Ashley making a come back if we had Time to get a couple more rounds in. Last time we played through a league (years ago when the game first launched) Ashley managed to stay in the top of contenders the entire time, holding first place for the first couple of weeks. Can’t wait to see how well we do this time around! Keep a look out!


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