Big Trouble in Little Smallville

Boom tubes open up on the Kent farm. Luckily the JLA is there to close them up! Unfortunately, the Injustice League has arrived to take control of them.

50 point DC miniatures game. Boomtube scenario.

Teams: JLA – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary.


Injustice League: Lex Luthor, Black Adam, Zoom, Deadshot, and Grundy.

To start this off in the open… Yes, those are heroclix mixed in. Some people are bound by honor. I’m mostly just bound by budget.

Anyways, I start the Injustice League towards the tubes (the glass beads on the ground) and capture a few. Paul, playing the JLA, takes 1 with batman and wonder woman and charges in with the rest, preferring to duke it out instead of getting points. Superman hurls a car at Black Adam and misses. Black Adam responds by charging him and punching him…. Repeatedly. Grundy lobs a car at Canary, flattening her and making her pretty inefficient for the game.

Superman gets ganged up on by Black Adam and Grundy, with Lex waiting in the distance ready to sweep in like he killed him himself. He’s taken a beating so Wonder Woman joins in to try and help. She holds her own and does more than Superman managed to do, hitting Grundy, Adam, and Lex in her radius attack. Superman gets hurled away and finished off by a sniper shot by Deadshot. .

batman goes for Deadshot and Lex and does a little damage. They fire back but he manages to remain pretty unscathed, even dodging Superman when he was hurled at him.   superman was hoping the Bats would catch him but Batman is the honey badger of the DC world.

All in all a great game. My early lead from focusing on objectives paid off as Paul wasn’t able to catch back up. Also having Zoom as my designated objective nabber made getting the objectives easy to get to.  The random teleporting from tube to tube made for some surprising moments, like having Batman teleport right next to Deadshot and Lex to mess up your plan… His too considering he was wanting to appear at a different point away from me.


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