Age of sigmar: elves vs undead round 2!

Arrows notched, the elves wait in ambush on the road. The undead march across the land, devouring every living being they encounter. villagers flee as zombies mindlessly march, mustered on by their vampire lord.

The moans of the dead drown out the stomping of their feet. The keen eyes of the elves spot the horde stumbling forward long before the undead can sense they’re in trouble. They let loose their arrows and launch their ambush.

750 point Blood and Glory

Sylvaneth: Spellweaver


Glade Guard x20

dryads x20

Great Eagle

Undead: Vampire Lord

Zombies x20

Ghouls x10

Crypt Ghast Courtier

Black Knights x10

This scenario has 4 objectives in the 4 quarters of the map. You win automatically if, on the 3rd round, you control all objectives. You control objectives by having the majority of units within 6 inches of the objective. You don’t have to stay within 6 inches to keep control, but if an enemy unit is within 6 inches, they take control.


I went with a thematic deployment rather than a strategic one. I set up my zombies on the road like they’re being mustered on by my vampire lord (behind them) instead of surrounding the sylvaneth woods Ashley placed by the objective on my left. I did have the foresight to put my ghouls and wolves there, along with my Crypt Ghast to buff up my ghouls. My black knights are on the right flank to capture that objective.


Ashley deploys her Glade Guards on the road with an amazing view of the entire map, spellweaver in the castle ruins to take that objective, the great eagle and branchwych are on her other objective. Her dryads are in reserves and can be summoned by her branchwych in or within 6 inches of the sylvaneth woods.


Ashley wins the initiative and flies her eagle up to my left objective to snatch it up real quick and claim 3 of the 4. The Glade Guard couldn’t get within range (guess they launched their ambush too early…). The branchwych doesn’t get her spell off, so no dryads!


I march the zombies up the road. My wolves and Ghouls get into the sylvaneth woods (also take control of that objective back) and chase off the outmatched eagle. My knights charge up the right flank, trying to get ontop of the Guard but keep objects between them.


Ashley wins initiative again and manages to summon the dryad. They manage to get their charge off and barrel into my ghouls. I’m not worried. My guys can take them! IMAG0443

Well… I was wrong! The eagle comes in to aid the dryads and she was smart enough to keep her distance from the wolves to keep them out of the fight. The eagle hurls the rotting ghouls into the air to have them splat on the ground, killing a couple. The dryads take my counter attack and brush (ha!) off the ghouls claws and rip into their ranks. My Courtier was little help and mostly just watched his minions die… again.


My ghouls are wiped out before my wolves can react and help. The eagle retreats back into the air to the safety of the sky. IMAG0445

Attracted to the sounds of battle, and with the hopes of finding a meal, the zombies peel off the road and head off into the fields after the dryads and wolves. Their lumbering feet pound the earth but their stiff legs make for slow going. part0_33

My black knights manage to charge in with only minor casualties on the way. Their lances thrust at the glade guards determined to hold the road, but the nimbleness of the elves pays off and they’re able to avoid the rusted blades. In a surprising turn of event, the elves rally and overwhelm the skeletal horsemen, driving them from the field.


Ashley played me for a fool and drew me away or pushed me completely off all of the objectives. Her final move at the end of the third round was to fly her great eagle to my one and only claimed objective on my right flank. You may remember my knights took it at the beginning and then charged off to their death. My vampire lord… I stupidly charged him off to hack up some wood people in the Sylvaneth woods (those dryads got me all riled up and I couldn’t let them make me look a fool!!) To say I didn’t see that coming would be an understatement. All the lines I thought would hold crumbled faster than my hand could move to take them off the field and all my grand strategies went with them.

The game was over quicker than I would have imagined and it looked like Ashley had picked up quite a few tricks during the league. Awesome game all the same!


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