Warhammer 40k 8th edition midnight release party

The New edition of Warhammer 40k was just released on June 17, 2017. Borderlands Comics and Games hosted a midnight release event with painting competition, tournaments, demo games, and an arena!

The paint competition was an hour paint competition, scratch to finish (or as much as you can do) with the winner getting…. something. I didn’t bother paying attention to what that was since I knew there’s no way I could win. I simply wanted to test myself and see if I could actually finish a model in an hour… I can’t. Painting for me is a slow process to say the least. This was going to be a big challenge for me. Below is the pic of my ork burna boy. I wanted to pick a dynamic model with a lot of interesting details but not so overloaded that I had to switch paints every 5 seconds. In my defense, I was holding Gabriel for the first part of the challenge. I think it turned out pretty good so far!  I said, I didn’t pull off a win (there was a lot of competition and some people actually managed to finish their models [read: pretty much everyone finished]).

Another event which I intended to participate in but missed out on unfortunately, was the battle arena. You pick one character and duke it out against all the other contestants in a free-for-all! I picked my Stormcaller Space Wolf commander in terminator armor for his durability and psychic abilities. I missed out on getting in on time but I did get to watch some of the action. Lots of variety and a huge throw down! someone brought a giant chaos demon (again, I don’t konw their names but… he was huge!). Naturally people tried to team up to take him down but in the end, he outlasted all other competitors and took the win!

The other event I got to do was a demo game. The demo was the two armies straight out of the starter box: chaos and space marines. I took command of the chaos faction. I had 20 plague bearers, 5 chaos space marines, a…. fly thing, mage marine, bell marine, and a… bigger brute marine (sorry I don’t actually know chaos marines at all. I did the best I could…) The game is a ton of fun and definitely faster paced than 7th edition. I lost horribly but not knowing the rules, I made quite a few mistakes (such as not keeping my commanders behind my troops to benefit from the screen and having my super slow brute try and chase down the jump pack marines. With the new rules, once you get into melee with a unit, they can just run away with little penalty, especially if they fly!) My plague bearers didn’t do much and my fly’s flame thrower never rolled above 3. Just luck of the roll though. The game is a blast all the same and I absolutely love the new rule set. The faster gameplay is very important to me, with working full time and having a new baby. Games seem to flow twice as fast as the old rules and definitely feels way more balanced. I’m pumped to get more games in with the new edition!


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