Orks vs space wolves 40k 8th edition

For days, the ork hordes have been pushed back inch by inch. Their bodies number the thousands, and all seems lost for the ork waaaaghh!!  Exhausted units of Space Wolves patrol the area for their perceived, vanquished foe. Pockets of fighters spring up sporadically and harass the grey hunters, thrilled at the prospect of fighting again, each time being overwhelmed by firepower and

beat back in minutes. The order of this planet seems to have been restored and the space wolves can continue to fight on on other worlds for the glory of the Emperor.

Suddenly, heavy plumes of smoke fill the air. Rattling engines squeal in the distance. Orks pour over the horizon in hopes of finding a battle worthy of their lives. The wolves are caught off guard. Separated from the rest of their battle group, They know they must hold out for reinforcements.


Ork army: Ork Warboss in mega armor

10x ork boyz with shootas and transport

20x gretchin

3x war buggies

1 Deff Dredd

10x Nobz

5x stormboyz


Space Wolves: Lukas the Trickster


10x grey hunters

10x long fangs

15x blood claws

10x sky claws

land raider

and I’m sure something else I can’t remember


James didn’t want to calculate his points (lazy!) so he decided to “match” what I had. I’m pretty sure the points were a bit skewed…

There are 4 objectives on the board, 2 on my side and 2 on James’ side.

But anyways, I start off the battle charging my Nobz and warboss across the bridge. My Trukk flies over the right flank bridge and my warbuggies flanked and stormed in on space wolves side, taking one of his objectives. My gretchin and stormboyz stay back to hold my objectives. I manage to take out a few hunters with my trukk, though that’s about all the damage I really manage.


James responds by dropping his skyclaws on my buggies. They charge in, and I drop a few with my overwatch. His long fangs try to hold back the nobz crossing the bridge. Their lascannons and heavy bolters bring down a Nob. The bolter fire from the grey hunters harmlessly bounce off trukk as it barrels closer. The dreadnaught and land raider creep forward, missing every shot.

The skyclaws scratch up my buggies a bit but they hold together and gorge a couple more claws.


Next turn, my boyz leap from the trukk and scramble over the bridge, firing away at the hunters on the other side. The haphazard shots luckily hit some grey hunters and actually break through the armor. The return fire did no damage and the orks charge in unscathed. The fight there is quick and brutal.

The nobz storm the central objective and kill the long fangs holding it.


The land raider drops its load (15 blood claws and Lukas) and then steams on to my warboss on the bridge. He gets bloody but decides to charge the raider next turn anyways and manages to hold his own!

Anyways, my nobz don’t fair as well. The blood claws and Lukas overrun the remaining nobz and make pretty short work of them.


The sky claws destroy a buggie (at a big cost). Natrually, I roll a 6 on my morale test so one more buggie saves his own skin and takes off.


We can’t resist going dread to dredd and the two behemoths duke it out! both hold on til the end, but the deff dredd is barely holding it together.


Times up, and the orks scrape a win on points. Focusing on the objectives helped me get an early lead that James couldn’t keep up with. It was a great game! I just wish I could have gotten my stormboyz in to see what they could do. Next time, maybe!


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