X-men vs JLA: Gods Amongst Men


Rifts open up in the war torn city, as the X-men scramble through the rubble. Approaching fast, the Justice League barrel in, ready to dish out damage. Their battle nearly leveled the city, but the fight isn’t over!

The X-men (me) bring: Magneto, Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rogue, and Gambit

JLA brings: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow

IMAG0560The dice represent the rifts opening up. At the beginning of each round, we both roll 2d8 and those rifts open. To close a rift, spend a power and make a stamina test: pass and it closes and you get a point. Fail and you take damage. This is a terrible mission for my X-men, as their stamina, besides Colossus (my slowest model…), is junk!! Speed will have to be my key factor here! IMAG0561

We roll for rifts, and it couldn’t be better for me! I deployed my guys right next to as many rifts as I could. What do we roll? 1, 2, 3, and 5. The 1 is based by Wolverine and I should get 2 points easily, and will have to work for the others. IMAG0563

I get initiative and start by BAMFing Nightcrawler to the #3 rift in Paul’s zone. Nightcrawler steals it easily enough and BAMFs back before Paul can respond. Aquaman surges forward on a wave and takes objective 5. I move Rogue up to respond. She hurls a truck at Aquaman’s head, but he easily sinks below the waves as the truck smashes into the ruined wall behind him. Green Arrow takes up a sniping position on the top floor of the ruins in the center of the board. He’s in a great position to have almost full range of everything. IMAG0566Colossus slowly trudges forward, backed up by Cyclops. He comes up a bit short to throw the car. Cyclop’s optic blasts harmlessly bounce off Aquaman’s tough, armor skin (his resilience 2 is going to be a big problem…) IMAG0565

Magneto angrily moves in, using his powers of magnetism to hurl a tree (no clue how that works!) and car at Aquaman. He dodges the car, right into the trajectory of the tree. His armor absorbs most of the damage, but he gets a splinter at least!

Gambit scores me another victory point by closing the #6 rift (taking damage while doing it of course) and moving up a bit. Wolverine actually score me 2 victory points but first closing rift #1 and then moving up and closing rift #2. Wonder Woman moves in hits Rogue…. hard!


I have a 3-1 lead after round one and I feel like I’m in a good spot. We roll and get 1, 6, and 8, making us both have to back track to score points.

Then Paul gets the initiative… Wonder Woman moves a little and does her flurry attack. Neither Magneto nor Rogue manage to dodge and take the full damage. Rogue goes down without doing much of anything. Wonder Woman gets hurled away into Aquaman in response, but I forgot about his defense so only Wonder Woman takes damage. Magneto moves away after throwing some stuff and hopes he’s far enough out of the battle to lick his wounds. Cyclops takes advantage of the grouping of WW, Aquaman, and Batman and does an exploding optic blast. Wonder Woman takes further damage but manages to stay conscious, while Aquaman and Batman take minor damage. Wolverine charges in and tries to end Wonder Woman… which doesn’t pay off. Green Arrow snipes Rogue and finishes her off.

Gambit and Green Lantern have to run back and get objectives and Nightcrawler BAMFs over to get my other objective. I’m pulling further ahead but I’m taking A LOT of damage. Both my guys take a lot of damage trying to close those rifts… remember how I said my stamina is going to play against me? well, there you go! IMAG0568

Magneto is the target from here on out. Paul focuses on him and manages to stun him and knock him out in the same turn. Aquaman leaves Wonder Woman’s side to go toe-to-toe with the master of magnetism… It doesn’t end well for Magneto. Wonder Woman manages to hang on and even dish out some damage to Wolverine. IMAG0569The game plays out pretty much like this the entire time. My guys slowly drop like flies, allowing Paul to slowly make a come back with closing the rifts. I end up conceding the game after a while when I lost Rogue, Magneto, Wolverine and both Gambit and Colossus were on their last legs and he hadn’t lost a single model. No clue how WW held out for so long, but she managed to hang in there the entire game with 1 life left!

The game was fun but I definitely feel like they put way more into the DC characters than they put in to the Marvel ones. Most of my guys couldn’t even hurt Aquaman and he’s not that many more points than any of my guys. Had the mission been different, things may have gone slightly different (since I wouldn’t have both him and the stamina tests working against me), but I feel it still would have been an up hill battle. IMAG0570


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