Tales from the Loop RPG night

tales from the loop kids and robots

Well we finally decided on an RPG and went with the award winning Tales from the Loop! The game has been sold out everywhere, but my local gaming store just so happened to have in a few copies when I went in (and lucky I bought it, cause the very next day all other copies were sold!). What’s it about, you ask? Well its a futuristic 80’s RPG where you take the role of a kid (ages 8-15) in Colorado. There’s a corporation called… I can’t remember but I think it was called Loop. I could be wrong. They created a particle accelerator in the 50’s or 60’s and as a result crazy, futuristic machines/robots and strange creatures roam the land. You and your group of friends are Scooby Doo-ing and solving mysteries!

Tales from the Loop me and Andy

Most of our time for the game night was character creation, which was actually pretty hands on and felt like a game on its own! your age factors into your stats and luck (older you are the higher your stats are; the younger you are, the more luck you get). Then you pick your stereotype. I chose the Rocker. Others chose the hick, the jock, and the bookworm. My special item was my drum sticks. Ashley’s jock carries around a lacrosse stick (was that even a thing in the 80’s?), Diana’s bookworm has… something, and Andy’s hick has a goat… and that’s not even the weird thing in this write up. The creation is very interactive and you feed off eachother to create your character and background story. You have to decide how you guys know eachother and establish your relationships, write out collective problems and goals you’re hoping to achieve.

Tales from the Loop Ashley, Diana, and Daniel

Well everyone has a basic character arc, but naturally, Diana has to be extra. So not only is her character paraplegic (with a hover chair cause… future past… don’t ask), she also has a stalker (both characters are male, obviously.) that she always suspects is the one doing everything, but it’s OK because it arouses him….. ugh. There was a lot more cringe worthy stuff to her character, but you get the gist. I just decided in my mind that she (I mean he) is just an ordinary paraplegic kid and usually ignore any comments she made that were about one of her thousands of dumb quirks. She’s one that tends to just try to see how for you’ll let the dumb go before you’re just like “Stop! that’s way too far.” Daniel let things go way further than I would have… but I didn’t let that deter the game!

The kids get lured out of our hideout (my character, Eric’s, basement) by talking birds and then go on a wild goose chase (pun intended!!) through the woods to the edge of a cliff where we’re attacked by even more birds. We discover the modified, robotic birds and are given clues about a lost transport ship to the loop… something like that. Unfortunately, we had to call the game there, only about 40 minutes into the actual gameplay. The character creation took up most of our allotted time, but no complaints here! that was most of the fun!

Definitely had a blast with this game and I think it’s an awesome and easy system to learn. Can’t wait to play this again. Next week we plan to continue the saga and hopefully we’ll uncover more of the mystery!

Oh, and did I mention Daniel dressed for the part and wore his 80’s threads? 80s Daniel


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