Warhammer 40K T’au vs Orks!

Orks storm the city center, trying to find rest in the abandoned city. They mill around, aimlessly bickering with one another to pass the time. Their numbers are depleted after countless battle with the Space Wolves chapter stationed in a nearby fortress. Passing T’au surround the city, hoping to engulf the Orks before they can dig in. They seek a drop zone to launch their own campaign on this world. They know they have to act fast and mow down the tide of green before they can close in!

This is the first 8th edition game using my T’au. My wife Ashley agreed to try out the game, so she joins me to lead the T’au against Mike’s orks. This will also be the first time using the Open War cards. We do a light 50 point game. I bring a squad of Fire warriors, a squad of Kroot with kroot hounds, pathfinders, 3 crisis suits, a Fire warrior Cadre, and a hammerhead for some punch! Mike brings 30 orks, 5 Nobs, 5 lootas, a killa kan, and an ork warboss! IMAG0748We draw the center line deployment (not positive that’s what its called but its where the defender takes the center line and the opponent divides his troops on either side). We agree since Ashley and I will be commanding separate groups, Mike would hold the center. We draw for objectives and get the one where we have to kill a specific character (can’t remember what it’s called). I decide on one of my crisis suits and Mike nominates one of his Nobs. I get an advantage card and draw a second objective. It ends up being a mission to capture 3 objectives. One objective is placed in the center of the table and both sides get an objective to place in their deployment zone. So right off the bat, Mike holds 2 objectives.

Mike surrounds the center objective with 20 orks and has the Killa Kan, 10 orks, and his warlord hold the other. His lootas take cover between buildings and his nobs hide behind canisters. I let Ashley place our objective around her kroot in the woodline. and she places her fire warriors in the woodline a few feet away. I place the cadre with them (to help give her some back up. Plus his command ability definitely buffs them up quite a bit!) and place the crisis suits and pathfinders in the opposite corners on my side and have the hammerhead hold the road into the city! IMAG0749Mike wins the initiative and has the lootas move out to hit the hammerhead. They manage to dent the armor a bit, causing 4 damage. Everyone else pretty much just shifts around but doesn’t advance. Apparently, the orks were caught off guard and didn’t see the T’au coming.


The T’au take advantage of the orks inability to react and light up the sky! My pathfinders move in through the trees and fire into the small ork squad sitting on one objective. The flimsy armor of the orks don’t help much and quite a few fall. My crisis suits advance towards the center and get caught up with the lootas on the way. the flame thrower melts a couple and the cyclonic rifle levels another one. The hammerhead levels his rail gun on the remaining lootas and lobs its sub munition at them. The final two crumple in the crater left by the explosion.  Ashley’s fire warriors and kroot fire into the ork horde holding the center, taking out a few that were too careless to take cover.  IMAG0754Mike wins initiative again. his orks on the edge with the pathfinders move up and take a few pot shots but don’t manage to do anything other than make the pathfinders duck. They attempt to advance on them but come up short, losing a few to the snapshots the pathfinders responded with. The killa kan and the warboss hang back(?). The center holds but the Nobs reposition  themselves to get closer to the crisis suits.

Well, I’m feeling pretty good about our odds, so while Ashley hangs and hold our one objective, I decide to get brave (or stupid… we’ll see)! My pathfinders charge in, guns blazing, to take the top objective from the ork boyz. We make the charge but the orks manage to destroy my droid as they charged in (I guess snap shots aren’t much worse than their normal shots…). I like my odds: 4 ork boyz vs 10 pathfinders! I’m careful not to move in close enough to draw in the warboss or kan. 10 swings…. 10 missed swings. Oh what’s this? orks are pretty good in a scrap? that’s not in our pathfinder manuals! The orks wreck the pathfinders and kill 6 of the 10 that charged in. IMAG0753Ashley looks on bored as we win the next initiative and move ever closer to the center objectives. The crisis suits continue to pepper the center horde while the kroot hounds close in with the nobs (why not? its what they’re there for!). My hammerhead changes course from laying into the center to relieving the pathfinders (…or collecting their bodies. whatever). He takes a shot at the Kan and rattles the grots inside. Ashley’s fire warriors and kroot advance a little, slowly progressing and laying down covering fire. The kroot hounds were no match for the nobs and die with a whimper. My pathfinders do pretty much the same. IMAG0752Mike decides to call it; the orks cut just as the T’au surround the city on all but one side. His forces were cut down to about 30% while the T’au only lost the pathfinder unit. He made the mistake of not being aggressive with the orks (something that took me a while to get used to when I started out with the orks as well). Even if it doesn’t seem to make sense, when it seems like you should hold and hunker down, you push that thought out of your head with orks and WAAAGGHH!! He definitely should have just ignored trying to shoot and just ran at the closest enemy. As displayed against the pathfinders, an ork in combat is nothing to laugh about! An ork trying to shoot the broad side of a barn a 5 feet? maybe… unless there’s like 50 of them. Then they might manage to hit that barn… just maybe.

I also recommended that he get trukks or some other fast units to close in as quick as possible. We’ll see what happens next time! IMAG0755IMAG0750


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