The battle for Gotham’s China Town: Harley Quinn Gang vs Batman and Nightwing

Harley’s been tipped off that the Star of China, an antique Chinese crown, is being transported to the museum in Gotham’s Chinatown. Her gang hits the streets to take the crown on route. Good thing Batman and Nightwing have trailing duty!

This is our first game in 2nd edition. I’m excited to see how it goes. The rules seem a lot better! We took a scenario from batmatch and did trophy. There’s a neutral objective in the middle and then standard objectives. Deployments were along opposite corners.


Ashley’s playing the Harley gang with Hammer as her sidekick. I’m playing Batman and Nightwing with a few patrolling cops. I take ammo, titan, and riddles as my objectives and she takes ammo, loot, and riddles. I place my sewers next to a few cops and Batman and one next to the center objective and on top of the tall building on the opposite side of the map. Ashley (who never liked sewers in the last edition) scatters them around so they’re out of the way.

I started out sending a cop through the sewers to pop up right next to the crown in the middle and sending Batman through to the sewer on the building (yeah I realized later you could only send one person through the sewers a turn. whoops). Nightwing and the other cops advance towards the center to try and cut off Harley and her goons. Ashley sends her RPG goon up to take on Batman… and by take on, I mean shoot a rocket at him. too bad his aim is bad. Harley’s standards are pretty low. Next round I had Batman zipline down to the objectives below to rack up points; a move I will later regret. So I start out scoring some points and Ashley’s just trying to beat up my guys.


Nightwing ends up going after Quinn since Ashley charged her down the middle of the street. He wastes a few batarangs only to her her thug with a shotgun blast into Grayson pointblank. Batman sits on the objective some more… wasting time as she sends a few guys down the alley to take him on. We both solve a few riddles and score a few points but I’m still sitting on the crown and ammo so I’m pulling ahead.


Ashley decides to play the mission. Harley Quinn somersaults to the ammo after unloading a hail of bullets from her SMG. Nightwing manages to duck behind cover and only take a small flesh wound. He responds by pummeling the guy with the shotgun and then turning to charge after Quinn. A cop with a taser follows suit and chases after Nightwing for backup. Another cop fires at the Giant mallet dragging Clown as the thugs quickly converge on the cops, surrounding them.


The lady cop guarding the crown gets clocked by a wrench and fights to stay conscious. The giant clown: Hammer, Gallaghers poor cop with a gun as another thug jackhammers officer Winslow. The cops are dropping like flies so I’m in a bad spot. The female cop hides in the sewers and Batman takes her place in the center of the street, trying to take control of the crown. He quickly gets bum-rushed but all the Harley thugs. He quickly drops Hammer but is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers up Harley thugs. He clears just enough blood from his eyes to see the revived Hammer’s mallet come down and smash into him. Batman goes down taking only the guy with the jackhammer.

Harley blasts Ron away with her SMG as Nightwing tries to shock her with his night sticks but she’s too fast for him. I lost count of how many points she racked up in the end, but I think it was something like 28 to 14…. Once my cops started passing out, it was pretty much lost. Harley’s gang gets away with the Crown of China, and beating the hell out of Batman.



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