Batman Vs Harley’s thugs: Predator mode!

For hours, Batman has searched for the rendezvous spot for Harley’s gang. He knew they were planning another big hit. If he could just track them down, he could put a stop to it before it began. He gets his lucky break. The GCPD spotted them taking refuge in a church in the Diamond District. The Batmobile engine roars to life, shooting flames from its tail, as Batman tears down the streets. He can see twisted, painted faces as he approaches. He slows to a stop before they can spot him and shoots out, batclawing to the top of a 4 story building across the street. He silently watches biding his time to spring his ambush…

This is my first attempt at predator mode from the campaign book: Batman… on his lonesome vs a gang twice his points! No leaders, sidekicks, or free agents for your opponent, just henchmen. Batman has to damage every enemy and they have to kill the bat! 8 rounds and no objectives. Did not follow the map set up suggestions at all. Let’s see how that will play out!


I (Batman) automatically take the lead the first round…. I pass. And then take control and move a couple of  Ashley’s Harley thugs… away from me. She has about 9 guys so the odds of me getting swarmed is pretty high…. Then I got too excited and let her move Asker within range. I batclaw down and wail into… the air around him. I also forgot that if I attack anyone, I no longer have patrol mode or whatever and can’t take control of any of her guys anymore. she moves in more of her gang while I spend another turn not hitting Asker. Her goons are closing in too much so I zipline down down the street, onto an abandoned cop car. Ashley responds by having pipe clown bash Batman in the head. I make quick work of him and drop him right there, but my head’s still ringing. With the second edition rules, you can’t batclaw two consecutive turns so I have to run on foot to try and get away, while dodging gunshots.


Batman scrambles around the corner of the stoic church, running headlong into more smiling faces. The Master of Ceremonies was waiting with ax in hand, while clowns with jackhammers and wrenches follow quickly behind. I react by throwing batarangs at the 2 closest and bawclaw out of there, into the tower…. with one doorway in… I somehow reasoned this would give me some breathing room. I was wrong… dead wrong. The clown with a wrench was tight on my heels and climbed the ladder after me (see the pics below!). Batman beats him off the ladder where he drops with a splat. unfortunately, there are plenty of fresh bodies to take his place. The clown with the jackhammer is right behind him and fills the doorway, cutting off Batman’s escape.

The jackhammer reverberates through Batman and he fails his counterattack, too shook up. He has enough sense to roll out of the doorway as a rocket screams past him and plasters the wall behind him. That left him open for the shotgun blast that came next. The doorframe splintered as Batman felt the first shots erupt into his chest. His eyes fought to stay open as he slipped in and out of consciousness, the demented laughter echoing in the distance…

So this did not go as planned and was much shorter than I had hoped. It is however a very fast pace scenario and a great change up from the normal  ‘stand on this objective’ scenario. The map really played against me, as I had no where to really go and get away from the horde once they spotted me. That being said, I had a blast! It definitely felt like a Batman game, trying to sneak around and attack on the move rather than charging into fights with cops at your side.





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