Homemade Alien Terrain For Your Battles Across the Galaxies!

Tired of basic looking trees and rocks scattered across your table to represent your far-distant planet? Me too! I play plenty of games, such as 40k and the soon to released, Star Wars Legion, that take place across alien worlds with unique fauna dotting the landscape. I got tired of using normal trees and bushes and wanted to make my battle zones look truly alien. I decided to build my own plant life so it actually looked like we were fighting over another planet; something very different than Earth.

Nothing screams alien to me more than the sea! So that’s where I started. I found the most exotic aquarium pieces and made stands. 20180317_15355420180317_153603

I started off with some insulation foam. Not the best material but it wasn’t a waste and turned out alright. 20180311_170838

Yes, I know what that looks like… 20180313_23180620180318_20553920180318_20572720180318_20571420180318_20573320180318_20562520180318_20552420180318_205632


3 thoughts on “Homemade Alien Terrain For Your Battles Across the Galaxies!

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  1. It’s not the easiest to paint. it absorbs a lot of the paint. I honestly wouldn’t recommend the insulation foam. It was mostly just an experiment but it’s honestly a bit of a mess. I think there are better materials to use.
    That terrain from Secret Wars and stuff like that was my inspiration for this. I had planned to do rock formations like that, and the foam works pretty good as such.


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