Star Wars Legion thoughts before I plunge into battle

Buying into a new game is a tough decision. Unless that game is a Star Wars miniatures game… pretty easy. I had been waiting for a Star Wars game like this ever since I started playing miniatures games. Of course, there was the WotC Star Wars miniatures game, but that’s not the same thing at all! I wanted to make coherent armies and paint them myself! So naturally, when this game came out, I had to go all in! I ended up buying 2 core sets, an AT-ST, and a snowspeeder. I hurried up and read through the rules and got a pretty good grasp of things and started assembling. I was supposed to have had 2 games already but… not a single time actually happened. So I’m going to tell you what I think so far, without having actually played the game, to pass the time.

First I will say the rules seem pretty solid! It actually seems pretty cinematic and fast paced. If you’ve played X-wing (by Fantasy Flight as well), you know the fights can be fast and the casualties high. Legion doesn’t seem to be any different! The rules are pretty streamlined and units can go down in a single turn. It definitely feels like Star Wars to me!  I love how the objectives and conditions work and I’m glad they didn’t just make it a ‘kill’em all’ kind of game. The Intercept the Transmissions scenario sounds super fun to me: each side making a mad dash for the objectives and blasting away at anyone who comes near! Here’s hoping they will release more objectives to keep things fresh. (Edit: I just saw that they announced the Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators objective coming out soon with the moisture vaporators objective markers. So looks like they will!).

The movement seems very straightforward. Much like X-wing, you place a movement tool in front of the leader and move him the allotted distance. Then you move the rest of the squad within command distance, rather than measuring out their movement as well. This should definitely speed up movement process and keep the game going. It will also keep your friends from “mis-measuring.” We all know that guy. His 6 inches look an awful lot like 10… but he swears you just don’t remember where the units were to begin with… You know who you are!!

The dice should also look familiar to anyone who has played any FFG game. Rather than numbers, each dice has a symbol or lack of one to signify a hit or miss. Make a dice pool and see the results! Different units and weapons use different dice that have more or less success probability to signify skill levels. If you hit the enemy, they have a chance to defend against the attack with defense dice, cover, and dodging. Real simple mechanics and no counting! So you won’t look dumb and your friends won’t realize you can’t count above 5!

The models themselves are also pretty impressive. My biggest complaint is that they don’t have a whole lot of variety when it comes to the figures. The box set comes with 2 squads of troops and both squads are exactly the same. You can’t even pose them differently or switch around weapons, as they’re grooved to fit exactly the same. You can buy additional squads, but again, they’re the same figures. The other units (AT-RT and speeder bikes) have different poses in the expansions boxes but honestly, nothing to write home about. They’re only slightly different. So I took it upon myself to customize them myself. There’s not much that can be done about the stormtroopers, but i kitbashed a couple rebel figures into twileks using green stuff, and switched out heads of some other troops with some WotC figures I had. The pictures are below and I am pretty proud of them.

I’m unbelievably excited about this game and have a few games lined up this week to begin! I know, I know. I did before, too, but this time is different…  My friends have changed! Anyways, I’ll update as soon as I get those games in. At this rate, expect a report before the end of this year!



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