Star Wars: Legion. Much Needed Supplies

The Stargazer Company drops on a backwater planet on the Outer Rim. A long forgotten crash promises fuel reserves much needed by the rebellion. Aided by Luke Skywalker, Stargazer troops advance towards the crash site. Unbeknownst to them, the information they received from intelligence was planeted by the Empire. Setting a trap for rebels, Vader and his troops sit in wait for the unsuspecting troops to arrive…

This will be my first game with the expanded rules. I play Luke and the rebels, with 3 squads of troopers and 2 AT-RTs. Matt has Vader, 3 stormtrooper squads, and 2 speeder bikes. We decided on the Recover the Supplies mission with reserve troops. We both hold back one squad and place an objective in the middle, one by the barriers on the left, behind the bunker, in the burnt out building on the right, and right outside the same burnt out building. Matt deploys his troopers evenly spread out at both the 2 foot lines and Vader in the middle. His bikes are poised on the hill, ready to sweep down the right flank. I go for a strong left flank, deploying both of my AT-RTs there. I have a squad and Luke down the middle and my other squad ready to quickly move up the right flank and capture the objectives in the burnt out building. 20180407_141443

We have to roll off for the first initiative and he wins. He moves his troops on the left up to the bunker to try and scare off my AT-RTs from the objective (Ha! fat chance. They’re too dumb to be scared) and moves Vader down the middle to secure the objective at the Bunker. His other troopers move out towards the burnt out building, taking shots at my squad as they approach. The speeder bikes fly around the building to get into a better position for later. Vader moved in early, so a squad of men and one of the AT-RTs advance and lay down suppression fire, while the other AT-RT chicken walks to the objective, blasting away with his cannon at the troops ducking behind the bunker. Vader isn’t daunted but he does take a few hits.  20180407_141447

The next round we both just push hard for the objectives and blast away at eachother. His troops on the right take heavy losses, but the speeder bikes turn the corner and descend on the rebel squad like a pack of wolves. They manage to claim the objective,  but lose 2 of their soldiers in return. The furthest AT-RT makes it to the objective, but opts to try and put a hurt on the stormtroopers rather than pick it up (he doesn’t… they’re fine). Vader doesn’t fair as well as his troopers and can’t manage to deflect any shots. Matt decides to have his reinforcements pop up behind Vader in the sandbag bunker for support. I pop mine in the center building so that they can claim that objective next round.


I win priority and smell blood! Luke pulls Vader in and leaps to clash with him. He strikes down Vader with 2 attacks. With the loss of their fearless leader and with the rebels claiming 3 of the 5 objectives, the imperials withdraw and start fighting defensively.  The speederbikes manage to rip through the squad on the right, but pay for it as the center squads open fire down the lane and send them crashing to the ground. I lose an AT-RT and suffer minor damage to the other one but both center squads remain, though a little worse for wear. Luke cut through the stormtroopers intent on ambushing him, cutting through them like parchment. 20180407_143215

The rebels secure enough fuel reserves in the end to call this one a victory. The Stargazer Company gets to return with their heads held high, having faced down Vader and living to tell about it.

This was a super fun game, though I felt really bad for taking out Matt’s Vader so quickly. The stormtroopers have some stayablity, but my dice were pretty hot. Can’t wait to get some more games in! The rules are simple and the games are dynamic enough to keep everyone entertained! I’ve been waiting for this game for way too long… 20180407_145116


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  1. It’s great to finally read a report of this game. In your opinion – are the rules easy enough for board gamers to pick up, or is this a tabletop wargamer’s game only? In other words – is Legion akin to X-Wing or is it more Warhammer (if that makes sense)?


    1. Its a great in-between. Movement is handled a lot like X-wing and the dice mechanics will be pretty similar. If you can figure out X-wing, this one isn’t that much more difficult. It’s a great game! I’ve played more miniatures (and boardgames for that matter) than I can count and this is one of the simpler ones.

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      1. Ahh that is good to hear. Who is it who created Star Wars: Legion? Is it Fantasy Flight or someone else? If it is FF then that would explain the similarity.


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