Imperial surprise attack at the Rondalla outpost

The Stargazer Company awaits rendezvous with the Rebel Alliance at Rondalla (yeah, I made that up!). Probe droids have discovered the secret outpost and imperial forces are on their way to crush the lone company before reinforcements can arrive. Darth Vader personally oversees the operation, as his stormtroopers prepare to annihilate any rebel opposition they find and recover information on rebel cells across the galaxy! 20180415_221725

So this is Ashley and Mike’s first game. I decide to let them divide the Imperials: Mike takes Vader and 2 full squads of stormtroopers, while Ashley takes the AT-ST, a small squad of stormtroopers, and scouts on speeder bikes. They’re pitted against my Stargazer Company: Luke, 3 full squads of troopers, 2 AT-RTs, and Wedge in the T-47. The mission is Recover the Supplies on a clear day with the offensive march deployment (we’re in opposite corners).  We place out objectives pretty close to the deployment zones (besides the one that has to stay in the middle) so that we can grab them instantly. 20180415_221731

They win the initiative and I help them out, since its their first game, but letting them know, they probably shouldn’t zoom their speeder bikes in so early to steal one of the objectives, as I will quickly shoot them down with the AT-RTs and squad of troops all in the general vicinity. They decide to not really listen though and make the speederbikes their second move. The scouts fly over the squat barracks, and make a mad dash for an objective. The AT-RT’s rotary gun mows down one of the speederbikes and my squad lays down a barrage of fire and takes out the other one… in the first turn. I feel pretty bad about it, but…  They grew a little more cautious after that. Vader slowly inched over, shielded by 2 squads of stormtroopers. They lay down some suppression fire, but don’t stop my men from getting the objective behind the crash site (of course, I also don’t stop them from surrounding the other objective so that Vader can walk over, like he owns the place, and get the other objective). The AT-ST straddles ontop of some crates and sprays the field, hoping to hit something (he doesn’t), while Luke and the other AT-RT move towards the center. Wedge scans the horizon for enemy ships before he lets himself strafe the outpost.


The next few rounds are super action packed. We each manage to get 2 objectives and I’m in position to get the 5th one. I have the upper-hand; Wedge and the AT-RT in the center have put quite a few dents in the AT-ST and the stormtrooper squads with Vader have been suppressed and widdled a bit.

Then, out of nowhere, all hell breaks loose! The AT-ST fries the AT-RT in one attack. Wedge is hit hard by the AT-ST’s secondary weapon and ground fire, impairing the T-47’s flight capabilities, and one of my squads is shot down to 2 guys. Luke is left unprotected, as the other AT-RT and squad of troopers went chasing after Ashley’s stormtroopers carrying one of the objectives. 20180415_225550I was left with a dilemma with Luke: Take the final objective or have him charge off into a duel with Darth Vader? I decided it would be safer to duke it out with Vader, rather than holding the objective in the open and letting the AT-ST make a crater out of Luke. This has worked in the past: Luke’s card that lets him attack twice has brought down Vader every time before! I can’t say that anymore… Luke only manages 6 wounds before  Vader cuts him down! He does manage to hold him there for a few rounds though, so atleast he went out like a champ! Well… maybe not a champ, but definitely like…. a runner up!! Before pummeling Luke, Vader also did his force despair thing and heavily suppressed all my troops over there. I completely forgot about the recovery action so they ran, leaving the objective behind…

The Stargazer Company was forced to flee the fight, only an AT-RT and one squad of troopers surviving. Vader and his men leave with vital information on the Alliance, while taking minimal loses. Ashley and Mike impressed me. They made smart decisions at exactly the right times and made me pay for all my actions at every turn. There were a few rules that I had forgotten about, but  I can’t even say that that would have changed the outcome as those rules probably would have helped them out just as much as me. 20180415_22555420180415_225910


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  1. Haha, funny when you give new people tactical advice and they just shrug it off. It usually makes me wonder if they think it’s dumb advice or I’m just trying to win the game. Yeesh.

    Anyways, awesome looking setup. Seeing the Millennium Falcon on the field is really cool! Looks like a scene straight out of the movies. 😀


    1. Yeah they always accuse me of pulling rules out to help me win. On the flipside, they always get mad at me if I try to explain all the rules before we play because it slows things down… there’s no winning with them. haha. I always tell them they could always read the rules as well so they won’t be surprised when I say they can’t do something. I think they just like complaining.

      Thank you. I’ve had the Falcon since I was a kid and it seemed like the right scale. No way I was passing up putting that out on the field! Its not the most practical terrain piece as it doesn’t really provide much cover and its impossible to see around. but…. Star Wars!

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