Blood Bowl Season: Moria Misfits vs Hellions(?)


The local game store kicked off another season of Blood Bowl. I had intended to play some undead I had been working on, but after getting some Goblins from a sale, I couldn’t resist losing!! The undead would have been a lot more competitive, sure. But can you chainsaw someone in half or smash their face in with a ball and chain with them? NO! I’ll start by saying, I have no intentions of winning. I’m playing goblins so I know it’s just not going to happen, but damnit! they’re fun as hell!

I’ve gotten in 2 games so far (pics from the first) and lost both (naturally), BUT the goblins did a lot better than I thought they would!

The first game was against Mike Shade’s Orks named…. something to do with WoW. I have 2 trolls, 10 Goblins, a lunatic, and a fanatic. He fielded something very unoriginal with maxed out blitzers and black orks, 1 thrower, and the rest lineman. He had more money than me, so I got 2 bribes as well. I decided to have him kick it off to me while I still had some guys on the field. This worked out pretty well as my trolls held off his line for a while and my ball and chain stunned a few guys. Rather than mess around and risk dying, I ran it in in a couple of turns. This had Mike a bit nervous.

No Gobbos down!


My not dying actually lasted.  He stunned quite a few guys and my trolls picked their noses instead of played most turns. He managed to barely get in a touchdown in the last turn of the first half. My goblins managed to knock down and stun his blitzer and actually picked up the ball! Unfortunately, that left them surrounded by more than enough orks to pound him into the ground and grab the ball right in front of the end zone. Not much to do but play dead so they don’t clothesline you when they run in the ball.

The second half played out about the same. My line actually held him up for quite a while, but I couldn’t last forever. His guys eventually overpowered my puny goblins and he ran in the touchdown at the end of the 6th turn. I have 2 turns to get the ball in for a tie! My 2 trolls and lunatic are on the line. I get lucky and the kick off brings the ball right next to my goblin in the back field. He picks up the ball and hands it off to a goblin 1 square from the line. He dodges into the back field and I try to set up a cage around him as best I can. That’s when everything goes to crap. His apes rip up my guys. One goblin and a troll out the game, countless others (5…. countable I guess) in the knocked out pit, and my cage completely shattered. But maybe the guy basing my ball carrier will… not smash his head in before I can score! Nope, he grabs him by the neck and slams him into the turf as he tries to run away to freedom. So close…



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  1. Goblins are tough, and seem like just the most random thing out there. I just started an Underworld team in our small tourney. I was actually surprised they did well in their first game. Stunty Goblins can duck in and out, providing assists, tying up players, etc. Once your opponent starts pummeling them though, it’s tough. Remember your opponent only has 1 blitz though, so if you’re not based, they can really only block 1 of your guys per turn. Good luck with the gobbos! 😃


    1. I’m definitely having a blast with them. The last season I was in, I had a High elf team (Greyhaven Griffons!). I definitely did better but they weren’t nearly as fun. plus, when I lost an elf (very common occurrence) it was a big loss. If I lose a goblin (only one has missed a game so far) I really don’t care.
      I honestly think people are pretty surprised by them though (I know I am!). They expect to just steam roll me, but I manage to keep the games really close! They usually just beat me by 1 goal scored at the end.

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      1. High Elves are a pretty solid team. Yea, lose 1 Elf, and ouch. That happened to me with Dark Elves. Made the mistake of buying a Witch Elf at the start, and lost her. Took me a long time to recover.

        I like High Elves because they play like Humans, but they don’t have the ups and downs of having an Ogre on your team. More reliable overall. Playing Goblins must feel like totally a different game for you!?


      2. Well that league I played nothing but Orcs and Dwarves so they were dying left and right! By the end of most games, I would be lucky to have 5 guys on the pitch! There were so man Orcs and Dwarf teams that they banded them the next league. Would have been a good time to bring my Elves back out, but I had just started school back up and was too busy to commit. This league I wanted to try something completely different. I don’t really care if I win or lose (which is good… cause I haven’t won any…). I just wanted to go out and throw a goblin towards an endzone! If I can manage that, my league is complete!

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      3. Oh man, that’s a brutal league for Elves to play in. Our last tourney I had Elven Union, and no one else took a finesse team. I was playing against Undead, Chaos Dwarves, Necromantic, and some others. It was pretty tough, and why I wrote my Losing Streak post on my blog, haha!


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