Wild West Exodus: Wyatt Earp vs Jesse James

20180614_132445I finally got a demo game of Wild West Exodus in today. We did Lawman vs Outlaws (with Ghost Wolf for some reason). I took the reigns of the lawman and had Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday leading attack dogs, gun dogs, and an interceptor. My opponent lead the outlaws with Jesse James, Ghost wolf, bandit cutthroats, and bandit gunmen. The mission we rolled up was supply run. 20180614_132439

My opponent got the first initiative and run his cutthroats into the house to stake a claim to those supplies. They shot out some glass trying to suppress my k9 unit. I responded by running my attack dogs up and busting them through the windows to stalk down and chomp on some bandits. I manage roll pretty hot and kill 3 of the 4 bandits. It was also at this point that I noticed the objectives were, infact, not centered and at least 3 to 4 inches closer to him (my dogs had to move and then charge over half their movement to reach the house and his cutthroats merely walked at a slightly quicker pace…) but it was a demo game and all i really cared about was learning the rules so I didn’t protest.

I won the second initiative so I plowed my interceptor ahead to claim the center objective (again, having to push it to reach the center) and lay down some fire on his gunmen. The bullets harmlessly bounce off the rocks. His gunmen return fire, but have just as much trouble hitting their mark. Determined to put a hurting on those guys, I decide to move my gun dog with a gatlin gun up and pepper them with bullets. I manage to bring down one of the four.

That was a short lived act, as Ghost Wolf storms up and rips the head clean off the mech dog and casually trots behind the boulder to the right.

Jesse James makes a mad dash for the center and my other gun dog leaps in and flamethrowers him, almost turning him to dust! But he’s saved by mettle (I think that’s what it’s called) and just disorganized… or disarrayed? Wyatt Earp kicks up dust and gets to the center, scoring me a VP for my glory card (gotta have a boss figure within 5 inches of the center).


Unfortunately, I have to call it there. I didn’t have much time to play but I wanted to try a round or two to get a feel for the game.

And after my first game, a review: I definitely enjoyed the game! I loved how initiative was carried out by flipping over a card and comparing and then drawing to see how many actions you get. It definitely adds some randomness to every turn and makes you plan ahead! You never know when you’re going to get caught in a streak of losing initiative and have to cover yourself. With that, the guts and glory cards were a lot of fun, too! They turned the tides a few times and I used them a lot more than I thought I would. The game mechanics aren’t too hard to pick up once you get going. Everything I was confused about during reading (I only got through order and movement) were cleared up once we started playing. Fortune is also a pretty big deal! I’m definitely thinking of fielding more bosses for the added fortune. I didn’t get a chance to see how a lot of the named characters do besides Ghost Wolf (who did phenomenally) and Jesse James a little bit (he didn’t die?). I see now that named characters are going to be a little harder to take down (as they should be I suppose) and you’re really just looking for a lucky shot most of the time or to simply overwhelm them.  The scenario was pretty fun and I’m looking forward to try out some new ones!

I really wish they had some kind of bank robbery or at least a train robbery scenario. This is the Wild West after all! maybe they’re working on it…



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    1. well… of actual game time, maybe 40 minutes. That’s not a good judge though, cause the guy I played with took a lot of time to talk. not to mention, it was the first time I played. I thin once I get used to it and how everything works, it should move pretty quick. I think the game shouldn’t take longer than an hour and a half.

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