This blog is to share with you a passion of mine: gaming! Tales of a Part Time Nerd was an idea I had originally intended as a podcast. Apparently there are things you need for a podcast: mics, headsets, friends. That was out. Blog it is! Plus I get to take pictures.

As I’ve stated before, games, especially miniatures games, are a passion of mine. My first delve into miniature gaming was a classic called Chainmail (a Wizards of the Coast minis game based off D&D). Pick a kingdom, make a warband, fight it out! Unfortunately, $100 later, I didn’t get a single game in. My friends all decided to jump over to D&D minis and drop this game as soon as my dwarves were assembled and rulebook read. Not ready for another disappointment, it was another 6 months before I bought my first booster. And so started my dark decent into gaming. Now I’ve played everything from Star Wars miniatures to Batman Miniatures Game to Lord of the Rings.

I recently had a kid (that’s Darth Small below in his most heroic pose he can manage) so my game time is cut quite a bit (hence the name Part Time Nerd). I do however try to squeeze in Atleast one game a week. So don’t expect daily stories! Admittedly, I spread myself pretty thin so I didn’t actually get more games in before. He’s just a great excuse (works great for being late too! “Baby” is literally all you have to say and everyone is like “say no more. We understand.” Which is good cause I didn’t have much else to say other than I’m just an unreliable human being)

These will be my tales of what I’ve been dabbling in. I’m no power gamer and usually just play whatever I find the most fun, even if that means I never win a single game (looking at you 40k orks…) So if you’re looking for broken army lists or loopholes to help you get an edge over your friends, you will be horribly disappointed. All I have is awkward strategies that might make people think I know what I’m doing and some stories about how half way through my game I realize I should have read how my characters or units actually work so my strategies Don’t crumble before I even roll a die… Happens way more than I care to admit.


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