Age of Sigmar Elves vs Undead Escalation League

The dead shuffle across the land, ever growing as the battles continue. The wight king serves his new masters even in death. Once the king's proud warriors, his legions mindlessly killing anything that stands in their way, eternal slaves caught up in his pact for an endless kingdom. The horde has been tasked with corrupting... Continue Reading →


Age of Sigmar Wood Elves vs Undead

A chill wind sweeps the land, whispering of supernatural energies. The wood elves feel the darkness in the air. A vampire lord seeks to grow his army from the dead and brings a small host to the church grounds. A warband of elves arrive to halt them as the heavens open and spit balls fire... Continue Reading →

Big Trouble in Little Smallville

Boom tubes open up on the Kent farm. Luckily the JLA is there to close them up! Unfortunately, the Injustice League has arrived to take control of them. 50 point DC miniatures game. Boomtube scenario. Teams: JLA - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary. Vs Injustice League: Lex Luthor, Black Adam, Zoom,... Continue Reading →


This blog is to share with you a passion of mine: gaming! Tales of a Part Time Nerd was an idea I had originally intended as a podcast. Apparently there are things you need for a podcast: mics, headsets, friends. That was out. Blog it is! Plus I get to take pictures. As i've stated... Continue Reading →

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