Star Wars Legion thoughts before I plunge into battle

Buying into a new game is a tough decision. Unless that game is a Star Wars miniatures game... pretty easy. I had been waiting for a Star Wars game like this ever since I started playing miniatures games. Of course, there was the WotC Star Wars miniatures game, but that's not the same thing at... Continue Reading →


Homemade Alien Terrain For Your Battles Across the Galaxies!

Tired of basic looking trees and rocks scattered across your table to represent your far-distant planet? Me too! I play plenty of games, such as 40k and the soon to released, Star Wars Legion, that take place across alien worlds with unique fauna dotting the landscape. I got tired of using normal trees and bushes... Continue Reading →

Dark Angels vs T’au

A shuttle carrying much needed supplies has crash landed on a war torn planet. A small outfit of Dark Angels, receiving patrol cover from a Ravenwing Dark Talon, scours the depot for the cache. A host of T'au, running low on much needed medical supplies and fuel, intend to intercept the drop at all costs!  ... Continue Reading →

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